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Graduate Programs

  • Programs in English

Graduate Programs in Nagoya University are research-based, and it is very important to know your research topic and find professors who share the same interests before applying to our university. Among the programs offered in English at the graduate level, there are two categories based on the admissions process as follows:


1. Global 30 International Graduate Programs (Since October 2011)

Programs offered as a part of Nagoya University's Global 30 International Programs. Only the October intake is available every year, and the application can be done via the online admissions system, which you can access through our website.

Global 30 International Graduate Programs
Graduate Program Graduate School
Master’s Doctoral
Automotive Engineering Engineering  
Civil and Environmental Engineering Engineering/ Environmental Studies
Earth and Environmental Sciences Environmental Studies
Engineering Physics Engineering
Physics and Mathematics Science/ Mathematics
Chemistry Science/ Engineering
Biological and Bioagricultural Sciences Science/ Bioagricultural Sciences 
Biological and Bioagricultural Sciences Medicine  
Master of Public Health Program Medicine  
Medical Science Medicine   ○
Economics and Business Administration Economics ○  
Linguistics and Cultural Studies Humanities ○  
Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Humanities ○  


2.Other Programs

The programs listed below have their own specific admissions requirements, timeline and process. The admissions-related information and online admissions system on this website are not applicable to the programs in this category. Please visit the website of each school for detailed admissions information.

Program Graduate School
Master’s Doctoral
Law and Political Science Law ○ ○
International Development and Cooperation International Development ○ ○
Nagoya University Global Environmental
Leaders Program (NUGELP)
Environmental Studies ○ ○
Engineering ○  
Young Leaders’ Program (YLP)
- Healthcare Administration Course of Master’s Degree Program
Medicine ○