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Physics and Mathematics Graduate Program

Program Outline



This graduate program is promoted by the joint efforts of the Graduate School of Science and the Graduate School of Mathematics. Department of Physics is joining to this program from the Graduate School of Science. Research laboratories on heliospheric and geophysics physics of the Solar-Terrestrial Environmental Laboratory are also joining to this program under the collaboration with the Graduate School of Science. A strong partnership of these laboratories will promote the integrative education for graduate students and nurture excellent young researchers with a unified program strengthened by our research activities and by careful practical training. The education program aims at acquiring the basics of physics and / or mathematics, the ability to find and solve problems independently, and international cooperation. To achieve these objectives, the program committee organizes annual lectures and seminars, which cover astrophysics, elementary particle and hadron physics, condensed matter physics, plasma physics, biophysics, and pure and applied mathematics. Although individual graduate students are assigned to specific laboratories, our education curriculum is not the traditional "closed and rigid "system but an alternative "open and flexible" system in which information exchanges between the different fields are encouraged.

The faculty and staff members in the Graduate School of Science are delighted that two of our graduates, Dr. Makoto Kobayashi and Dr. Toshihide Maskawa, were awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics. It is now our responsibility to maintain the tradition of education and research at Nagoya University. Our students will have a wide perspective based on deep understanding of their own expertise and be able to find essential factors in complicated problems. We promote both international exchange and the encouragement of female researchers to establish an open, flexible and diverse education system. Our objective is to produce young researchers who can make great discoveries in both fundamental physics and in interdisciplinary research fields.

The Graduate School of Mathematics aims to further develop traditional pure mathematics and also to explore the broader mathematical science based on this foundation. The school (and its predecessor) has been recognized internationally as a place for high level research, where Prof. Kiyoshi Ito (the 2006 Gauss Prize winner) and Prof. Shigefumi Mori (the 1990 Fields Medalist) spent their years of study. The objective of the education program in the school is to cultivate self-motivated individuals, who can successfully navigate inquiry, reflection, and discovery based on scholarly training in mathematics. Our commitment is to maintain an enlightened environment for problem-conscious students where, together with scholars and fellow students, they can refine their ideas and apply logical reasoning in seeking solutions to problems. One of the features of the school is the active international research led by younger researchers. The school also hosts an international conference of mathematics each year on various topics.


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