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International Student Support

International Student Support


Houscing"What should I do to obtain Student Visa?" "What if I become sick in Japan?" "Can I get any academic support?"

From getting a visa to entreing and studying (surviving) in Japan, navigating the waters might sound fraught with obstacles if you are from another country. That's why we are here to help you like a friend, and to make your life in Japan carefree, at east and more meaningful. Need any help? We are always with you.



HouscingG30 International Programs students are housed in the Ishida Memorial International Residence Myoken for the first year. The "Advising Offices for Housing" provides consultation to students searching for new accommodation and organizes “Moving Out” workshops twice a year. Rent for off-campus, single-room apartments usually falls within 30,000 to 50,000 Yen per month.

Housing information is also available at on-campus places like the Nagoya University Co-op or bulletin board at the international student center.


Facilities 93 rooms for single persons (15 m2)
Each room equipped with Kitchenette, Bath, Toilet, Bed, Curtain, Closet, Desk, Chair, Desk lamp, Air-conditioner, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Wi-Fi, etc.
Equipment for Shared Use Launderette & Drier, Common Room, etc.
Room rent 32,000 yen per month (monthly service fee is included)plus utility charges

Academic Advising

International Student Advisor and Academic Advisor

Studying overseas is exciting and challenging. International student advisors at each school provide international students with support and guidance in every aspect of life here at NU. From orientation to career counseling, the international student advisors provide a one-stop service for adjustment, academic and personal issues. In addition, G30 students have an assigned professor, who supports as one of their schools’ academic advisor.

Academic Calendar

Health and Medical Care

Nagoya University takes good care of its students’ health. Apart from free mandatory annual physical checkup for all students, the Health Administration Office provides health advice, first-aid and mental health support. Fiind more details

Study Abroad

  • We support students considering studying abroad to do their own planning and complete the necessary processes. If you start thinking about studying abroad, please make a reservation for individual consultation by Email.

    For more information, contact the Study Abroad Office directly.
    Office Hours Mon.-Fri. 8:30-17:00
    Tel: +81- (0) 52-789-4594
    Email:  abroad* (replace * with @)

Nagoya University Study Abroad Office

Clubs & Recreation

Nagoya University Festival (Meidaisai / 名大祭)

  • Nagoya University Festival (Meidaisai / 名大祭)

    Nagoya University Festival

  • June is an exciting month at NU, not only for students but for everyone in town. The biggest university festival in Central Japan is held at NU, attracting over 50,000 visitors every year. You are sure to enjoy live performances, open lectures, various entertainments and many food booths organized by the students at this colorful and exciting event. In addition, the event focuses on environmental efforts.



Nagoya University offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities that provide all kinds of opportunities to meet students sharing similar interests. From cultural to vocational and from athletics to academics, there are more than 100 students’ clubs and societies waiting to enrich your campus life. Some also provide the opportunity to experience captivating aspects of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. Valuing history and tradition, NU encourages many uniquely Japanese sports and activities such as traditional martial arts or Japanese tea ceremony.

List of Clubs and Circles


International Student Support