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Are the programs in Nagoya University internationally recognized?

International rankings are a good reference of quality and international recognition. Due to the high achievements of NU’s alumni and researchers, Nagoya University is ranked top 28 in Asia (QS2021) with acclaim to six Nobel Laureates of this century, all in Chemistry and Physics.

How can I apply?
Online applications begin in fall. Please check our website regarding admission requirements and deadlines. The system is easy to understand and makes the application process simple.
How can I apply for Student Visa?
To study in Japan, international students need to follow the procedure below and apply for a Student visa. 1. Apply for “Certificate of Eligibility”(COE) to NU 2. Receive COE and “Letter of Admission”(LOA) from NU 3. Apply for a Student Visa to the nearest Japanese diplomatic missions (embassy or consulate) by submitting COE and LOA
Are there dormitories available for students?
There is a dormitory for international students for the first year in which enrolled students may apply. G30 international students are housed in the Ishida Memorial International Residence Myoken which was newly constructed in 2011.
How can I apply for the scholarship?

As for Nagoya University Global 30 Undergraduate Scholarships, all applicants are automatically considered as the candidates. For more information, click HERE.