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Japan in Asia Cultural Studies Program

Program Outline

Mechanical Engineering

The Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies (JACS) program explores the rich and complex culture and history of Japan and its relations with other East Asian countries. With particular emphasis on cultural history, cinema and visual culture, and literature, the curriculum is designed to help you master critical literacy and communication skills while acquiring a broad perspective on Japanese culture in Asia and specialized knowledge in one or more disciplines. In addition, the graduate program provides opportunities to interact with internationally distinguished scholars from different countries at international conferences, workshops, and other events in Nagoya and around Japan and the world.

Curriculum and Syllabi

Career Prospects

Biology - School of Agricultural Sciences

There are good employment prospects for JACS grads both in Japan and around the world. Typical JACS career paths include:

1. Pursuing an advanced degree (PhD, etc.)
2. Working in private companies, including in Japan
3. Working in culture and media industries
4. Journalism
5. Teaching

Of course, you are welcome to continue studying at the Graduate School of Humanities at Nagoya University, where you can further pursue your academic interests in modern literature, cinema, and/or history in JACS, or study another humanities field in the Graduate School of Humanities.