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Global Environmental Leaders Program

Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (NUGELP)

School-specific features

The Graduate School of Environmental Studies (the Spatial Planning and Environment Course, the Department of Environmental Engineering and Architecture) and the Graduate School of Engineering (the Department of Civil Engineering) jointly host the Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program, a master’s program aimed at fostering future environmental leaders who can propose concrete solution to various environmental problems around the world, particularly in Asia and Africa. NUGELP offers a two year master’s curriculum in English with an extended focus on the three focal areas, namely, Climate Change, Water and Waste Management, and Biodiversity Conservation. The program is interdisciplinary and covers various research fields such as Civil Engineering, Environmental Systems Analysis, Transportation Planning, Land Use Planning, Architecture, Economics, and Policy Studies. Professors who give courses under this program have rich experience in policy making at local and international levels as well as in scientific research in their own fields of specialization. Also, some lectures are provided by prominent external practitioners from companies and government bodies in Japan, particularly the Nagoya-Chubu region, which is well-known for its world-class industry including the automobile industry. Interesting internship opportunities are also offered to the students through which they can learn practical know-how in realizing environmental countermeasures and policies at companies, governments, NGOs, or international organizations. Through such a comprehensive combination of courses, students will be able to understand the mechanisms of environmental issues, acquire scientific knowledge and technological know-how, and design policies and institutions. In addition to either a Master of Environmental Studies Degree or a Master of Engineering Degree, a special certificate is awarded to students upon completion of the program. NUGELP enrolls about ten international students every year and welcomes excellent students from all over the world, particularly from Asia and Africa.


For more information about NUGELP including curriculum, professors, and admissions, please visit the program website.

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