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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Program

Mechanical Engineering

The Program is an international master’s/doctoral program aiming to foster future global leaders who can achieve high-quality social infrastructure improvement. It offers a comprehensive curriculum through which students will be able to propose and implement concrete solutions toward problems related to various fields in Civil and Environmental Engineering, such as Structural and Material Engineering, Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Planning, Infrastructure and Environmental Planning, Environmental System Engineering, and Land and Infrastructure Design. The details of our unique curriculum are as follows:

Course List and Graduation Requirements for Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Program (Doctoral)
Course List and Graduation Requirements for Environmental Engineering and Architecture, Graduate School of Environmental Studies (Masters)
Basic knowledge and skills as a leader
In order to become global leaders, students are required to retain international communication skills and a good understanding toward important concepts regarding infrastructure development. The courses such as Civil Engineering and Policies for Developing Countries, English Communication in Environmental Issues provide essential knowledge and skills as a leader.
Advanced technologies and know-how mainly based on Civil and Environmental Engineering
This program provides a variety of courses to enhance deep knowledge in a specific discipline, mainly based on Civil and Environmental Engineering. The courses such as Advanced Course in Lifecycle Design of Civil Structures, Advanced Fluvial and Coastal Hydrodynamics, Advanced Geotechnical Engineering, Advanced Infrastructure Planning, and Low Carbon Cities Studies etc. provide advanced technologies and knowhow in each research area.
Interdisciplinary topics
As for broad knowledge in interdisciplinary areas, the program offers courses such as Frontier in Civil Engineering, Climate Change and Infrastructure, Environmental Industry Systems to broaden students’ perspectives in each focal area.
Research-oriented internship and master’s thesis project
Students will design and implement an internship (Global Research Internship: two credits) in private companies and public organizations in order to explore how the advanced knowledge and technologies which have been acquired from the course works can be applied to solve actual infrastructural problems (subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation). Students will then compile a master’s thesis under the supervision of academic advisor(s) who will be selected based on their academic and professional background and research interests. They will conduct research on related issues in Japan and their home countries (or surrounding countries with similar situations). Academic supervision shall be provided through presentations and discussions at Seminar courses and individual discussions. Students will also acquire presentation and report-making skills as well as overall project operation skills to write a master’s thesis through classes, seminar and conference presentation experiences.


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