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Japan in Asia Cultural Studies Program

Japan in Asia Cultural Studies Graduate Program

Mechanical Engineering

The Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Graduate Program offers students an excellent opportunity to develop a deep understanding of, and critical insights into, the rich and complex relations between Japan and other East Asian countries in modern world history and globalizing contemporary society. The courses offered on the program engage interdisciplinary and transnational approaches to exchanges, interactions, and interrelations between Japan and other East Asian countries in their global historical contexts. At the same time, the program is designed for students to master integrated knowledge and analytical research skills in one or more specialized academic discipline such as literary studies, cinema studies, modern history, intellectual thought, and visual culture. The planned courses include:

  • History of Asian culture
  • Cultural studies of modern and contemporary Japan
  • Genealogy of theories on Japanese culture
  • Modern Japanese fiction
  • Modern literary theory
  • Colonial modernity in Japanese and East Asian literature
  • Film theory
  • Japanese cinema history
  • Asian cinema history
  • Cinema and cultural theory
  • Visual culture

With a balanced program between interdisciplinary and specialized studies as well as our professors’ insightful individual guidance, we support and encourage students to demonstrate new theoretical and historical perspectives on Japanese culture in Asia, exploring the ways people in Japan and other East Asian countries have enacted multifaceted relationships and negotiations through literature, cinema, and other sociocultural products and affairs.

Students will also have the advantage of participating in international conferences, workshops, and other events that the Japan-in-Asia Cultural Research Center of the Graduate School of Humanities regularly organizes in Nagoya and other locations (such as Freiburg in Germany and Shanghai in the Republic of China, where the members of the Center have organized scholarly events in recent years). Such opportunities enable students to contact and learn from many internationally distinguished scholars from different countries.

Graduates from this program are encouraged to continue to develop their research in a Ph.D. program or to play a significant part in a variety of governmental, commercial, and other social sites. In either case, they are strongly expected to engage with international tensions and issues with the in-depth knowledge, broad views, and keen analytical thoughts they have cultivated in this program in order to contribute to the improvement of our global society and the coexistence of people beyond national borders.


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