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Automotive Engineering Program

Automotive Engineering Graduate Program

Mechanical Engineering

Automotive engineering combines topics from mechanical and electrical engineering to expand and create research areas related to automobiles that will improve the lives of world citizens and lead to an environmentally–friendly, sustainable mode of transportation. The continued growing interest in automobiles as a primary mode of transportation and the ecological devastation from increased transportation combined with inefficient power usage illustrates the urgent need for individuals who can pioneer research that will improve the current state-of-the-art in automotive technologies.
Our Graduate Program in Automotive Engineering intends to do the following:

  • Cultivate talented people capable of becoming internationally respected researchers who will lead, be at the forefront of research, and can create new research fields in Automotive Engineering at both public and private research institutes.
  • Create educators of automotive engineering who will be capable of transferring both knowledge of engineering and associated automotive technology to the many educational institutes of higher learning and that have the creativity to exploit future opportunities.
  • Produce advanced professionals who are well versed and highly specialized in their fields at the forefront of automotive engineering.

We strive to foster the development of global leaders in automotive engineering through education and research while instilling values such as morality, independence and respect for other cultures. In order to provide a high level of expertise and wide vision, in this program world-leading researchers from the Graduate Departments of Mechanical Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering at Nagoya University join with experts in Automotive Companies to establish global education and research in all areas of Automotive Engineering.

Lecture courses offered include: Dynamical System Theory, High-Temperature Energy Conversion Engineering, System Dynamics, Human-System Engineering, Advanced Lectures on CAD / CAE, Latest Advanced Technology and Tasks in Automobile Engineering, Electric Power and Energy Engineering, Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices, Advanced Lecture on Communication and Image Processing, Advanced Lecture for Information and Computer Sciences.



G30 Automotive Engineering Course offers internships in summer and spring vacations to G30 international students to gain experience of real world engineering related to automotive technologies. 
These internships are specially designed for G30 international students in automotive engineering course and does not necessarily require Japanese language skill.

Past internships from 2016
Nissan Motor India
Hitachi automotive
AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Advanced Technological Research Center
Calsonic Kansei


Courses after graduation for graduate students

Doctoral course
Nagoya University

Companies, etc.
Toyo Business Engineering
Nissan Motor
Honda Motor
UD Trucks
Bosch Engineering


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