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Admission Tips

My Top 5 Tips for Applying to Nagoya University International Programs-Science Edition

“Having confidence in yourself and your abilities is crucial to your success, not only in applications but generally in life.”

Hello everyone. These tips are merely a guideline to what I think is important in the application process.

#1 Ask For Help

It is very likely that you are may face some conflicts when applying. Asking for help on the application portal or from any of the existing G30 students currently studying at Nagoya University is always a wise step that will provide you with great insight and ensure a smooth, worry-less application process. This is going to be particularly useful if you want to know how the interview is will be or if you want to write a good personal statement.

Reminiscing the good times in high school

#2 Show Uniqueness

There are hundreds of people who apply each year to Nagoya University. Thus it is very likely that a bunch of them have excellent grades and outstanding academic achievements. However, academic performance isn’t the only measure for an applicant. Do you play music? Did you participate in your country’s science Olympiad? Are you an athlete? Do you think outside the box? These are all very vital criteria that measure your passion and talent and are critical to the University as an institute that nourishes individual talents.

There’s no shortage of friends at Nagoya University

#3 Passion

Show your passion in whichever field you apply. Do you want to be Nobel Laureate? The next Elon Musk or Bill Gates? Passion is the driving force for success. That’s why it’s important that your application reflects your passions through knowledge or lifelong dreams. If you are passionate enough about it then you can always work harder to improve, and it’s not the y-intercept that matters, it’s the dy/dx.

“Academic performance isn’t the only measure for an applicant.”

#4 Reading Doesn’t Hurt

Passed the first round of application filtering? Prepare for your interview by refreshing your memory in regards to your field of passion. Read a few articles here and there about Stephen Hawking if you want to study black holes, or some Nash Equilibrium if you want to study game theory. These will come in handy during the interview.

Exploring Japan

#5 Pack Your Bags

Well, not quite literally. But having confidence in yourself and your abilities is crucial to your success, not only in applications but generally in life. With that being said, it is always good to have back up choices and to apply all over the globe before deciding what’s best for you. All that’s left is to say: “皆さん頑張ってくださ!”

Any place can be fun with friends by your side

About Shehab – Shehab is a second year Physics undergraduate student from Egypt.

Admission Tips