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Admission Tips

Application FAQs and Tips from Admission Office Nagoya University

Things you need to know to apply to our Undergraduate program

We compiled some of the frequently asked questions that applicants have during the application period. If you are thinking to apply or currently applying, read through this post and we hope this is helpful:

1. What documents are needed to complete my application?

Clarify what documents are needed, and how to submit them, as well as the application deadline. Please see our webpage for application documents summary: 

2. Who can help me prepare my application documents during application?

Check who are responsible for preparing application documents at your school. Each school has a teacher or college counselor who helps you prepare application documents for the university. The following documents are usually issued and taken care by the school you are attending:

  • Prospective Graduation Diploma
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Reference Letters

3. Have I asked my teacher to be my referee?

“Do communicate with your referees before and even during application.”

Communicate with your referees before you send them your request. Your referee might be surprised to suddenly receive the email from the online application system asking them to complete their reference. Sometimes, even after you click “Request” on the system, they might have a problem of receiving the system generated email. So, please do communicate with your referees before and even during application. It is important to confirm with them which submission method they prefer and inform them of the application deadline.

4. Do I need to submit the official documents?

At the time of application, you do not need to send any official documents. You can complete your application by inputting necessary information on the online application forms and upload the soft copies of the required documents on the system. We will only ask the students who pass the paper-screening to submit the official documents. There is the deadline of submission of official documents so early preparation is recommended to avoid any delay in postal delivery. If you are worried of delay in delivery, you can send official documents earlier even before you complete your online application. We will store the documents sent via post together with other documents submitted through the online application system.

5. My SAT score will only be available after the deadline. Can I still submit it?

SAT score is not a compulsory document and you are still eligible without submitting a SAT score. In the case that you would like to submit your SAT score and it is only available after the deadline has passed, please send it to us as soon as it becomes available.

6. When does the admissions office start checking application documents?

“Complete your application early, without waiting until the last minute, in order for us to follow up with your application..”

The Admissions Office will start checking your documents only after the application fee is paid. We will inform you of missing documents and help you complete your application. We recommend you to complete your application early, without waiting until the last minute, in order for us to follow up with your application and have enough time to receive your missing documents by the deadline. Please note that you do not need to wait for your referees to submit their reference either through the system or via post.

7. What is the best way to communicate with the admissions office during the application period?

Before you apply, you might have communicated with us through email. However, once you create your account on the online application system, please communicate with us using the message function on the system so that we can answer your questions based on your application. Also, we will send you messages regarding missing documents and the result announcement through the system so please check your online application regularly for the latest updates about your application.

8. Will the Admissions Office closed during the Winter Holidays?

The Admissions Office will be closed from Dec. 29 until Jan. 3rd. During the holidays, we will not be able to check your application documents and answer inquiries. If you would like us to read your application before the holidays, please try to complete your application earlier.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We would be happy to assist you to complete your application. Looking forward to receiving your application soon!

Admission Tips