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Student Voice


Program:Automotive Engineering, School of Engineering (class of 2015)
Nationality:United States
Coming to Japan requires courage. I’d say if you are an adventurous person who isn’t scared to go out of their comfort zone Japan would be a great place to go.
People are nice, helpful and overall easy to get along with. Life has been interesting since Japanese is the common language but, some people do know a bit of English and that has been really good. There are so many buildings you can go anywhere and the directions are easy so you won’t get lost.

Campus life: academically it is a bit different from America as teachers expect you to know stuff before you even do the homework and there is a lot of homework.
Non-academically - the sports and facilities are amazing; there are so many interesting things that are in the sports that aren’t in America and the campus itself is quite large. It is like a mini city in itself.
Advice: Be prepared to walk a lot. If you don’t already do, that is.
As an engineering student I have come to realize that the engineering field is quite big. There are so many different types of engineering. Thus, as for my future goals I am not quite sure exactly what I plan on being. Recently, I have been interested in structural concepts of plane wings and such. That’s kind of what I am working around. I am not for certain if that is my future plan but, I know for sure I want to go to graduate school and get my masters.

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