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Student Voice


Program:Social Sciences, School of Economics
Others:Enrollment year: 2013
The biggest challenge of mine is to change from a high school student to a global university student. From the first day coming to Nagoya University, all the students were encouraged by the professors to not hope for safety but also to reach beyond our limits. Therefore, in the economics department, we are expected to learn various subjects to become knowledgeable economists. Outside the classrooms, we learn how to adapt to a brand new environment, with new cultures and new people. It helps us to be global leaders in the future. After all, these challenges turned out to be great opportunities that I had in the last 6 months.
Having been living with my family for 18 years, I think studying overseas is a wonderful experience for me.

Firstly, I have become more independent. Since I have to take care of every little thing such as shopping for food and commodity, and doing all house chores, I'm more responsible to myself and my life.

Secondly, international environment at Nagoya University gave me chances to meet a lot of new friends from different countries. We exchanged and discovered various cultures in the world to be more global.

Lastly, learning in a small-sized program like G30 program allows me to exploit my knowledge and my talent as well as develop as much as I can.
In the next four years, I hope to gain more knowledge not only from my major but also from the Japanese society since Japanese culture has always been considered to be respectable and worth learning. I want to try my best to become specialized in economics and use economics as a tool to better the society. After spending one semester here, I'm sure that I'm going on the right way. Owning a great reputation among many national universities in Japan, Nagoya University will definitely shorten my way to success.

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