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Student Voice


Program:Social Science, School of Economics
Others:enrollment year: 2013
Studying in Nagoya is one of the best chances I have ever had. I got the chance to live in a new environment with people from different countries. The biggest challenge for me when I came to NU was learning a Japanese language. I remember the first time I came to Japanese class and people were speaking all in Japanese. However, the intensive classes provided by the university helped me to improve my Japanese little by little. Besides, the university also provides the Liberal Arts curriculum which means the Social Science students can take Science classes such as Linear Algebra, Biotechnology. I took Linear Algebra in the first semester and it really helped me in the Economics major.
I enjoy my life in Japan. My friends are from different countries with different backgrounds and cultures. At first, I was really nervous because it was my first time studying in college and staying in a dormitory with international students. However, people are really nice.

Sometimes in the dormitory, we studied together for exams or held a party in the study room. From my major's perspective, I also had chances to go and visit some factories with our economics professors. In the first semester, Professor Sano arranged a factory trip to Toyota factory in which we could observe how they manufactured cars and accessories. I could say the 5 past months living in Japan was a really good time.
As an economics major student, I understand that the field Economics is broad and there are many types of work I can do with an economics degree. Thus, I am not quite sure about what I will do in the future. So far, I have been interested in studying accounting and I am going to research more on that. I am not certain about my future plan but I know for sure that I will go to graduate school and study for Masters.

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