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Student Voice


Program:Fundamental and Applied Physics
Others:Enrollment year: 2013
The challenge that I face in Nagoya University was classes. It was my first time taking a lot of classes and having too much homework. Sometimes, I had to sleep late to complete the homework and do revisions, then need to wake up in the early morning and get ready for classes. For the initial few months, I could not manage my time really well because before this, in college, I was never as busy as this. But anyway, I find that classes were really fun and I enjoy studying at Nagoya University.
Nagoya University is a really nice place and I love the people here. Japanese people are so kind and polite, and they always smile. Besides that, being away from family and live independently in Japan made me realize and learn real life skills, such as how to face and solve problems or challenges, how to manage time, how to make a decision and the most important one, how to plan for the future. Basically, I learned and gained a lot of new experiences.
You can see a bright future when you study in Japan. The reason why I chose Applied Physics (Engineering) was because Japan is a leading nation and a world leader in fundamental scientific research. In other words, Nagoya University helps me to reach my dreams and ambitions.

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