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Student Voice


Program:Automotive Engineering, School of Engineering (class of 2016)
Challenge is an inseparable part of studying at Nagoya University. The instant you get accepted into Nagoya University you have to take the challenge of various prospects. Well, I would say it is the perk of studying in one of the best universities in the world. You have to take the challenge to go away from home and accept the culture here and overcome your language differences as well as your academic perseverance. Challenge is a big word here and you have to be up to the task to take the challenge and at the same time enjoy doing it.
My experience of Japan until now has been one of the best I have ever had. Life in Nagoya can be made amazing with friends. Learning Japanese was a whole new experience. In this global community you get a taste of cultures from all over the world and experience living together with them. The Japanese culture itself has a very rich background and heritage. It’s great when you walk into a traditional Japanese town and look at the exhibits and taste the world famous Japanese cuisine like sushi. The Japanese people are amiable and friendly; hence so far it has been a hell of a run for the first semester.
Future always looks bright when you live in Japan and study Automotive Engineering. Even when you are in first year you get the broad picture of what you want to do. We toured the factories of Suzuki and Toyota Motor Corp., which exhibited the probabilities of working in Japan. I think I am quite sure about what I want to do after I graduate, so "YES, Future IS shining for Nagoya University" students.

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