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Student Voice


Program:Fundamental and Applied Physics Program, School of Science
Others:HIgh School: United World College Maastricht, Netherlands
Enrollment year: 2016
The Challenge I face in Nagoya University is time management. Mostly, I stay in University because I take a lot of classes and I have tremendous amounts of homework. In order to get good scores, I have to put huge effort into studying. However, time is limited because I have other things I do. I have to take care of myself in everyday life, I joined the Kendo (Japanese Sword Art) Club, and I have a part-time job. The Kendo Club has two-hour practices for four days a week, and I sometimes go to competitions on weekends. For my part-time job, I work around ten hours a week. I need to use my time wisely to deal with all of them. Of course this is difficult but worth it. Eventually, I became capable of dealing with them and now enjoy myself. Everything I do now is all fascinating and I learn a lot from them.
The best thing in Nagoya University is making new friends from the G30 programs and club activities. Having conversations with students from the G30 programs broadens my viewpoint and perspective. Students come from various countries and so have different backgrounds and cultures from which I learn a lot. Club activities are enjoyable; practices reduce my stress and keep me healthy. I hang out and have fun with my club members who are nice and kind. Sometimes I have matches with other universities and make new friends, which is a fun experience. I would say that the best way to make Japanese friends is to join a club. You experience Japanese culture and it is just amazing.
In the future, I would like to work internationally in the science field. I believe that the progression of science can solve many issues in the world that we face. My current goal is to get into graduate school to deeply understand physics.

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