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Student Voice


Program:Social Sciences Program, School of Economics
Others:Triamudomsuksa School, Bankok,Thailand
Enrollment year: 2016
The biggest challenge for me in Nagoya has been living far from home, surrounded by people from many different backgrounds. Since everyone has different backgrounds and therefore different values, I had to learn and understand my friend’s values.

While I do speak English, it was challenging for me to use English academically, since I had no prior experiences with taking classes in English. At the same time, I had to continue learning more about the Japanese culture and language.

Apart from school, I had to plan my daily expenditure on food or hobbies. I had to learn how to cook and manage the household, which I consider to be a big personal growth, in a very short time. Even though it was a bit difficult at first, I enjoy studying and living here.
First, staying away from home has taught me how to live on my own. However, the process was made much easier by all the support that the university has provided us, for instance the English-speaking staff members and the tutor system. The presence of the university facilities has been very helpful.

Secondly, by joining various activities and events, I have become more aware of various cultures, which has always been one of my goals for university. Lastly, the small classroom size allows for easy interactions among students and with professors. Apart from lectures, the professors provide great opportunities for students, such as visits to factories, including those of Asahi, Coca Cola and Knorr.
As my primary interest is international economics, in the next four years, I plan to study Economics while gaining general knowledge and experience about international society by partaking in part-time jobs and internships. After that, I look forward to my further studies in international economics and management, before gaining work experience at multinational corporations and finally moving on to become a professor, which has always been my greatest dream.

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