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Student Voice


Program:Biological Sciences, School of Agricultural Science
Others:Enrollment year: 2016
From a local high school to a global community, from the familiar living environment to a completely different country, the challenge I have met was from all aspects. The biggest challenge to me was living alone in the brand new system where no one speaks the language I am familiar with.

For a couple of the first days, understanding the transportation system, paying bills, signing a mobile phone contract…everything which seemed simple at home became a huge challenge. However not only me, but also people around me start to get used to the environment and began enjoying the life here after several months. Living and studying alone is hard, but the experience you gain is priceless.
The experience of living in and exploring a foreign country is already exciting enough. The special global environment here gave me the chance of knowing people from more than 50 countries. Such an environment enabled me to really understand people’s cultural backgrounds, to exchange ideas, even to exchange languages. With the influence of such experience, I started to think about issues in a global manner and started to care more about humans ourselves instead of citizens of separated countries.
Knowing more people and having more experiences changes my thoughts and understanding of the world little by little. Currently I do not have a specific career goal, but what I am sure is, in the future, I would like to make an effort to improve the living condition of human beings.

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