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Student Voice


Program:Fundamental and Applied Physics Program, School of Science
Others:New English School, Kuwait
Enrollment year: 2016
One of the biggest challenges is realizing that you are in Japan indeed and accepting that reality. It is a very different society with very different customs and language barriers. But realizing how beautiful and unique this country is, is the key in moving forward and tackling all of these challenges and enjoying this very unique experience of being an international student in Japan. Setting goals for yourself will fuel your passion throughout, and help will always be given at Nagoya for those who ask for it.
Coming from a warm country, it was beautiful experiencing snow for the first time in Japan; the sight of rooftops covered in snow is indeed majestic. I was also very lucky to share a dorm with many other international friends, who will exchange food and laughter with you, making you feel at home. Additionally, to the comfort of many, restaurants in Nagoya are very diverse, each offering a unique experience, atmosphere and menu.

In the next four years in Nagoya University, I intend to enjoy the content of my physics studies as well as various sport activities. I would love to join the football bukatsu (club) as I have been playing football for my entire life. As for personal goals (not those out on the pitch) I would like to make more friends and improve my Japanese to conversation level. I would like to work as a theoretical physicist and hopefully win the Nobel Prize.

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