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Student Voice


Program:Fundamental and Applied Physics, School of Science
Others:François d’Assise Nicolas Barré, Monaco, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
Enrollment year: 2016
The biggest challenge is to deal with living in Japan. First thing is to get ready to see my family only once or twice a year. Second thing is to talk exclusively in English or Japanese. However the thrills of living in a new and fabulous country like Japan and the new discoveries that I could do here truly overcome the difficulties.

It has been a wonderful experience to shift from a European culture to Japanese culture. Indeed in Japan there is a real sense of community. People always try to help each other.
Another wonderful experience is to meet people from around the world and get to know their cultures and languages.
In the next four years, I hope to deepen my knowledge in fundamental physics and also in earth and planetary sciences. The program offers theoretical and practical lectures about various subjects of fundamental physics and I hope it will help me to choose the topic of my master’s degree.
My career goal is to become a researcher in earth and planetary Sciences. I might have a special interest in polar (arctic and Antarctic) sciences.

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