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Student Voice


Program:Chemistry Program, School of Engineering
Others:Enrollment year: 2016
The greatest challenge is balancing between study and life. The work loads in Nagoya University are heavy. I used to feel that 24 hours a day was not enough to complete my work. Being away from home also means that I have to step out of my comfort zone and be independent without my family. One of the rules of the dorm is that every student is required to move out before second year commences. I remember struggling to move while studying for midterm exams. I did not have time to unpack my stuff and ended up staying in the room with only a futon and a lot of boxes scattered on the floor.
Studying in Nagoya University has a significant impact on my life. Within a year and a half, I have been exposed to a lot of new things which I had never had in Malaysia. I've had the opportunity to broaden my horizon and become more mature. As Nagoya University is one of the top universities in Japan, it provides impressive facilities for the students. There are many laboratories in the university and each of these laboratories is equipped with advanced devices and apparatus to help students with their research.

G30 program allows me to meet people from all over the world. Learning with people from different cultural background is really fun. Other than studying, I am able to experience Japanese culture. I enjoy studying here. My life has been eventful ever since I came here. I love my life in Nagoya.
In the coming two years, I wish to master my command of the Japanese language in order to secure a job in Japan. I have always been interested in the cosmetic field. Hence, after graduation, I hope to enter one of the world leading cosmetic companies in Japan for a couple of years.

Other than gaining work experience, I believe that working in Japan helps me develop better communication skills and a sense of responsibility essential for my future career. I am fascinated by the diligence and passion of Japanese toward their jobs. It would be great if I am able to foster the Japanese working attitude.

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