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Student Voice


Program:Biological Science Program, School of Science
Others:Enrollment year: 2016
It was a rather big challenge to bring myself to apply for the Nagoya University G30 program. Or so I thought. Just like entering any other “Whole New World” the journey there was not easy, but the journey isn’t everything. I came here to open my eyes, experience the world outside and to study subjects that I haven’t even heard of before. Now, I’d say the biggest challenge was to do just that.

To compete with international minds in a foreign language was and still is pretty tough. Keeping up with all the different cultures was tricky as well. One thing that amazed me was the students’ quickness. I remember thinking “These people don’t like to waste time, so they think fast and act fast”. And since I was not as quick as my friends here, I was hard pressed to keep up with them. But like any other challenges, I didn’t face it alone. The friends I made here in the G30 International Programs at Nagoya University are the greatest bunch of people I’ve met and I am looking up to them. I realized that I came here to become a better person that can help make the world a better place. I’ve learnt a lot from them and I hope they learnt something from me, too
I would say that the wildest experience yet was adjusting to the “Whole New World”. I had never left Mongolia before coming here. Becoming a part of the G30 family of Nagoya University, I was struck with awe. I used to think University was as smooth and simple as high school but never was I so wrong. Everything was so new, the mash of cultures, the innovation packed conversations, the diversity of the classes - everything.

For someone who had not known much else other than his natural environment, opening up and making new friends, having fun with people from across the globe was as exhilarating as it could get. What’s even greater was that everyone - the students, the professors, the Myoken dormitory staff, and the university staff, everyone - is so kind and caring, just like a magnificent big family. Everyone had their own way of thinking and seeing things. To share those and to learn from each other has been the most wonderful experience.
During my studies at Nagoya University, I hope to explore the current world I’m in and also explore the world inside me. Finding out where you are is important. I know that I have to search for opportunities that could be my gateway to other fantastic worlds. But on the other hand, exploring what is inside you and finding out just what exactly is it you want to do in this life, is the most important task I have in my future.

For that reason, I want to try out new things - join a club, organize a band with friends, go on an exchange program, and have part time jobs - anything that can help me realize what I truly desire.

To put it shortly, in the next four years, I want to rock on.

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