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Student Voice


Program:Automotive Engineering, School of Engineering (Class of 2015)
The biggest challenge that I face here in Nagoya is not having a very good command of Japanese. It is very hard to communicate with the locals initially when I first arrived, leading to some awkward moments. However, I accepted the challenge to improve my Japanese so I can get to immerse myself in Japanese culture and leads to better understanding of the Japanese culture too. Being far from home also means that experiencing new culture is a norm. Being able to adapt and accept the local customs is easy, but to not do something that may come across as rude is a challenge.
Overall, the experience of studying and living in Nagoya is great. As I am from Malaysia, being able to experience the four seasons is nice, and I saw snow for the very first time of my life last Christmas! I also went for hanami with my friends from all around the world and I also get to go travel around Japan easily as Nagoya is in central Japan.

As an automotive engineering student, it is fortunate that Nagoya is situated near to Toyota City. Last year, I got the chance to visit Toyota's famous Motomachi plant and it was a great experience. From the academic perspective, studying in a global environment enables me to interact with fellow students, researchers and professors from all around the world. And, the best experience of all must be getting interviewed and have an article written and published by Yomiuri Shimbun (newspaper).
As I have been interested in vehicles since young, I have always wanted to be an Automotive Engineer. I think a car shouldn't only be an object to get a person from A to B but instead should also be an object that can do so safely and comfortably. That is why I have always been interested in eco-friendly and accident-free cars. I also believe that cars should also look good and should always have great designs.

Nagoya University, which is famous for its engineering courses and its ties with Toyota Motors, is an ideal choice for aspiring Automotive Engineers like myself. I believe Nagoya University will help me achieve my dream of one day working at a great car company and provide me the knowledge for me to succeed and building better cars for the next generation.

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