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Student Voice


Program:Biological Sciences, School of Agricultural Sciences (class of 2016)
The classes here are difficult but they motivated me to study more. We have the chance to broaden our knowledge because Nagoya University, especially the G30 program, encourages students to participate in the Liberal Arts curriculum which means that natural science and engineering students should take classes from social science courses and vice versa. I found it really interesting knowing students and teachers from different countries because I can learn many things from our differences.
Coming to Japan is really a great experience. I can enjoy the nice public transportation, learn Japanese, enjoy the beautiful scenery in a four-season country and meet new people. I also have opportunities to introduce my country’s culture to foreign people through several activities with the Indonesian community in Nagoya.
Being a student here is a great opportunity for me to know many people from many different countries. Through these people, I can make many connections thus it will be beneficial for my future work, since we are in a globalizing era right now. There is also the Career Services Office, which helps us to plan our future after graduating from Nagoya University. If we are interested to work in certain companies, we can attend some seminars from those multinational companies. I already have an interview for a Japanese company to join an internship! It is such a good experience for me.

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