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Student Voice


Program:Fundamental and Applied Physics, School of Science
Others:Enrollment year: 2013
My application and subsequent approval to Nagoya University were all a result of my simple desire to not just study, but learn and not only learn, but learn from the best. Within a span of 6 months, I have faced multiple issues involving everything from adapting a foreign environment to everyday assignments and above everything else, food. However, Japanese culture and the international surroundings in the University didn’t strike a very harsh blow to a person like me who had absolutely no Japanese language skills.
The entire hectic process of applying, anxiously waiting for the decision and finally deciding has been entirely worth it. Nagoya University, undoubtedly a top tier University in the field of the Sciences, Engineering, Economics and the Social Sciences, has the resources and the perfect environment for stimulating students who are hungry for knowledge and passionate about their studies.

As Physics students, we have access to top of the line accelerators, radio telescopes, synchrotrons and any kind of equipment and lab one can possibly wish to use; I could spend days walking around the Science lab buildings and still not uncover everything. There's more; students can choose to go on exchange programs and visits for research and semester exchanges to foreign universities and organizations like CERN.

Of course, the ample and convenient sports facilities like courts, baseball fields, track fields and health centers are always open for students to use with various degrees of athletic associations from hardcore clubs to circles who play for fun. And don’t worry; Nagoya University does not miss out on fun with the downtown areas, parks.

Of course, sites all around Japan are great for having fun; for those who have never been to Japan, the entire city and the country will be a refreshing experience of how fun and diverse the world can be.
I want to be able to converse fluently in Japanese by the end of my term here and obviously broaden my academic faculties to the point where I can join a great post graduate program and subsequently work at a research lab, a University or any organization that works towards uncovering the secrets of the Universe.

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