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Student Voice


Program:Social Sciences, School of Economics (Class of 2015)
Others:Shine Mongol high school, high school exchange to Moore high school, OK, USA
Batdorj's Newsletter
Becoming an undergraduate student at the Nagoya University was my greatest privilege. The G30 program offers me high quality, up-to-date education within a very globalized environment. The classrooms have top students almost from all over the world. Competing and learning together with top students around the world is the most challenging thing. Not only our professors or Nagoya University or Japan expects us to become globally high competitive citizens, but also the whole world has expectations. Therefore, we study various subjects to get a broad general knowledge and also major subjects in-depth to become some of the top in our research fields. Because the expectation is high for us, we have to try our best.
My life in Japan has been full of experiences. Studying Japanese language and communicating with Japanese people helped me to learn Japanese to a level that I can easily communicate with Japanese people and experience part-time work. The more I stay in Japan, the more I am becoming independent. Now, I have my own apartment, I cook myself and basically do other things by myself, too.

I am also learning a lot from the lectures and seminars at the university. The research field is so broad and various that you can study whatever you want at Nagoya University. I am glad that I was able to take the courses I wanted, such as environmental economics and environmental resource economics. As a student at Nagoya University, and as a citizen of Nagoya city, my life is full of memories and experiences which I am sure will broaden up more by the end of my fourth year.
My goal for the future is to become a globally recognized environmental economist that not only can benefit Mongolian society, but also many other countries in the world. I want to become an economist who can help to develop Mongolia into a highly-developed nation with a well preserved nature. I am sure that I came to the right place to pursue my studies and gain necessary knowledge.

Nagoya University provides me with great opportunities. We have factory tours of industrial giants such as Toyota and Denso, and many other out-of-class activities. On top of gaining knowledge, I am also maturing as an individual. The future is calling for me with lots of opportunities. I am sure the day of accomplishing my goals and once again expressing my gratitude towards the Nagoya University G30 program is near.

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