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Medical Science Graduate Program

Medical Science Graduate Program

Mechanical Engineering

The aim of the Medical Science Graduate Program is to provide students from all over the world with opportunities to pursue study in state-of-the-art medical sciences. Students will experience an exciting environment of scientific discovery as well as exceptional intellectual and technological resources designed to help them achieve their highest scientific goals. We hope that each student takes their first step towards becoming an established medical scientist through our program.
We expect students to disclose hidden scenarios of our human body to answer how we humans are made at the molecular, biochemical and biophysical levels; how devastating diseases are developed; and how such diseases can be prevented and regulated by cutting-edge medical technologies.

Biomedical scientists need to acquire a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise as well as an in-depth understanding of their primary area of research interest. Our curriculum include special lectures "Tokuron" hosted by leading scientists all over the world. These are held about 200 times a year and also provide basic and advanced hands-on training courses, which are held about 70 times a year. The lectures and training courses are integral components of our program that provide the intellectual foundation necessary for independent scientists.

Students also have a chance to attend weekly scientific seminars at each department. The department seminars are focused on specific subjects of specific medical science fields that students will be actively engaged in. Our program is a four-year course. Upon graduation, our program offers a Ph.D. degree in biomedical sciences depending on students scientific achievements during the course. With excellent research and results, our Faculty meeting considers the right to allow students graduate and obtain a Ph.D. degree in three years. We have accepted application forms in English and thesis-defense presentations in English for more than a decade for the convenience of foreign students. Our new program is designed to follow this path.

Unlike other programs designed for Japanese students, the program starts every October so that foreign students can continue their research carrier without interruption. To be enrolled in our program, students are required to be educated for 18 years or more (the final specialization must be within medicine, dentistry or a 6-years course of veterinary medicine) in principle.


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