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Biological Science Program

Biological and Bioagricultural Sciences Graduate Program

School-specific features

Our Biological and Bioagricultural Sciences Graduate Program aims at creating an academic field that can make contributions in the 21th century through a fusion of biological, agricultural and medical sciences. This program offers educational and research experience in biological, agricultural and medical sciences that are rich with challenges and opportunities for graduate students. Department of Biological Science in the Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, and the Graduate School of Medicine are responsible for educating graduate students in this program.

As the frontier for life science research, our graduate program provides rigorous education and research in the following fundamental and applied biological areas of scientific knowledge and experimentation:

  • Department of Biological Science contributes to understanding the regulation of gene expression, chromosome structure and cell proliferation, locomotion and energy transduction, intracellular signal transduction, the development of higher structures in multicellular organisms, structure and function of the brain and neural networks, and circadian rhythm.
  • The Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences contributes to solving the current issues on production and sustainability of food, environmental protection, life-long health and development of biomass energy through making clear and enhancing the function and mechanism of every living thing in the range from molecular level up to ecosystem.
  • The Graduate School of Medicine contributes to the disclosure and regulation of physiological and pathological mechanisms of our human bodies. At the same time, the scope of the research is expanding toward a new horizon by constructing the research network with relevant or different disciplines.
Challenging these complicated and diverse issues, we nurture graduate students who have the potential required in the international field. They are also able to acquire logical thinking and creativity based on the knowledge of biological, agricultural and medical sciences, and put it into practice.

Graduate students are actively engaged in research at the forefront of biological, agricultural, and medical sciences, in collaboration with Faculties who are acknowledged leaders in their respective fields. Graduate students should take a two-years research training course for their Master’s degree (Master of Biology, Master of Agricultural Science, or Master of Medical Science), and usually an additional three-years (totaling five-years) research training course for the degree of Doctor (Doctor of Biology or Doctor of Agricultural Science). Our Graduate School of Medicine has an independent four-years research training course (Medical Science Graduate Program, for Doctor of Medical Science). Students who obtain a Master of Medical Science can enter the Medical Science Graduate Program.



Graduate School of Science (Deparment of Biological Science)
Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
Graduate School of Medicine
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