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My Initial Months at Nagoya University

Hello! My name is Shimuran Kitahara, and I am half Indian and half Japanese. Currently, I am a 1st year Law student.

At Nabano no Sato, Mie Prefecture which is about an hour away from Nagoya!

With the end of the fall semester, it’s hard to tell that it’s already been over four months since I entered Nagoya University. Being in a new place makes first year students prone to a lot of questioning, but one of the most frequently asked questions we are asked is, “how are your initial months at Nagoya University?”

To answer this question elaborately, I have added some of the things that I experienced at NU and some tips that prospective students may want to know before coming to Nagoya:

1. The initial month’s workload will be busy

It is true that the first few months here will be busy since we have a lot of paperwork to do. But at the same time, we do have time to go sightseeing and have fun. Try not to get overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and the occasional visit to the regional government offices. It will soon be over!

2. There are supportive staff and seniors

The staff at Nagoya University are always supportive whenever you need help. For the students planning to stay at the dormitory, the dorm staff are very kind and helpful. They will remember to greet you every time you go out and come back to the dorm!

Similarly, the seniors here are always ready to help you, and every first year student can get a tutor to help in both academic and general living challenges.

Lunch with the School of Law seniors

3. There may be a language barrier

It is true that Nagoya is a major city in Japan and that most if not all of the transportation facilities have signs in English. However, students may be faced with the issue of a language barrier. I recommend studying some Japanese before coming here, as it will not only enhance your experience here but also help you in your mandatory Japanese classes in the first year.

4. Take it slow, and don’t forget to have fun!

In the end, I think it is important to relax and not be too stressed in the initial months. Living alone for the first time can be quite an overwhelming thought, but the best thing about the G30 Programs is that many of the students here are going through similar situations. The community will genuinely understand possible difficulties in adapting and is here for you, and you can rely on each other for support!

Fellow Law students and me

Moreover, the university organizes many cultural activities for those who are interested in learning about Japanese culture. For instance, my friend and I recently went to a workshop about Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement, and there was also a trip to the Tokugawa Museum. There are always events going on in the campus that you can look forward to!

Visiting the Tokugawa Museum in Nagoya

My initial months at Nagoya University have been both busy and memorable, and most importantly, I am happy to be here!
Hope to see you soon!

Meeting Japanese students at cultural exchange sessions

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