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In-person event: Nagoya

Open Campus 2023 | 2023年度オープンキャンパス

Open Campus 2023 will be held on August 7th and 8th. We are excited to see everyone on this campus!

For in-person events, limitted numbers of seats are only available. We will select participants by lottery if the limit is reached.
Please don’t forget to register on our website if you are interested in those in-person events.
The online registration form will become available on July 7 and continue to be accessible until July 13. 

More information is coming up soon. 
 Monday, August 7th: Schools of Education; Law; Economics; Engineering; and Agricultural Sciences
 Tuesday, August 8th: Schools of Humanities; Informatics; Science; Medicine; Health Sciences

入試情報を知りたい | 名古屋大学 受験生応援サイト | NU START GUIDE ( (Japanese only)






入試情報を知りたい | 名古屋大学 受験生応援サイト | NU START GUIDE (

Event Schedule