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Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Finances

Tuition and Living Expenses

Nagoya University serves as a cradle for future leaders in different areas. With the support of the government, NU provides various kinds of resources for students while setting the tuition fee and other expenses at a very affordable level, so as to make sure bright talents will be placed in the best environment for developing their future.

Tuition and Other Fees

As a national university, Nagoya University is heavily funded by the government. Tuition fee, regardless the nationality of students, is JPY535,800 per academic year – 3 to 4 times less expensive than at comparable institutions in many other countries, and this is the same as the one for local Japanese students. Although some areas of Japan have been noted for their high cost of living, Nagoya benefits from the rich natural resources of the neighboring area and remains a comfortable and affordable place to live.

Annual Tuition Fee JPY535,800
Non-Refundable Registration Fee One time payment at admission JPY282,000
Application Fee One time payment at admission JPY5,000
Monthly Living Expense
Item Estimated monthly cost
Accommodation (Off-campus apartment) ¥ 30,000-50,000
Utility ¥ 10,000
Food ¥ 30,000
Telecommunications ¥ 5,000
Insurance ¥ 1,500
Other personal expenses ¥ 10,000
Total ¥ 86,500-106,500

*Living expenses vary depending on students’ lifestyle and spending patterns. The amount suggested above is for reference only.

Visa Application (Only for Non-Japanese Nationals/Non-Japanese Permanent Residents)

International students are required to apply to the nearest Japanese diplomatic missions (embassy or consulate) for a Student visa, which is usually issued after the embassy / consulate obtains the students’ "Certificate of Eligibility". To apply for the "Certificate of Eligibility", students are asked to submit two ID photos, a copy of their passport, and a bank statement which verifies that their financial supporter has funds equivalent to JPY 1,000,000 or more. The bank account may be held in the name of students or their financial supporter. Students who receive the Nagoya University Global 30 Undergraduate Scholarship also need to submit a bank statement which verifies that their financial supporter has funds equivalent to JPY500,000 or more. Detailed information will be sent to admitted students. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid


With the generous support of our government, donors and corporate partners, there are several scholarship opportunities available in Nagoya University. To recognize the outstanding achievements of students and support those who have financial needs, most scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, financial needs and some also on other non-academic achievements. The following admission scholarships are available especially for students in the international programs:

For Undergraduate students

Nagoya University Global 30 Undergraduate Scholarship
Nagoya University-Japan University Graduates Association of Singapore Scholarships (For Singaporean students)

For Graduate students

Please contact the graduate school of your intended programs directly in order to know about the financial support available for international students.

Financial Aid

Apart from the scholarships, Nagoya University waives tuition fee for students who have financial difficulties, under certain conditions. During the orientation for new students in the international programs, the application process and conditions will be explained.


Nagoya University Global 30 Undergraduate Scholarship

Eligibility to apply:

Applicants must satisfy all the requirements below to be eligible to apply for the scholarship:

  • Applicants must satisfy Nagoya University’s undergraduate admissions eligibility criteria for the Global 30 International Programs.
  • Applicants must submit a completed undergraduate admissions application package with the Scholarship Application Form by the respective application deadlines.
The Scholarship includes:
Tuition The tuition will be fully-covered for 4 years.
Registration fee The scholarship recipient also needs to pay this fee, but it will be reimbursed in the form of monthly installments within the first year.
Annual Stipend The total of JPY500,000 will be provided every year for personal expenses for 4 years.

*The application fee will not be covered by the scholarship. Therefore, all applicants need to pay the application fee by the respective deadline.

Eligibility to receive scholarship:

Applicants must satisfy both requirements below to receive the scholarship:

  • Selected recipients must matriculate at Nagoya University in the year applied, with the intention of completing the program at Nagoya University.
  • If a recipient receives additional scholarship from other governmental and/or private sources equivalent to or greater than JPY500,000 per year, s/he will forfeit this scholarship.
Duration of Scholarship:

In principle, the scholarship will cover the four years of the recipient’s undergraduate study at Nagoya University. However, continuation each year will be contingent on the recipient maintaining the "Responsibilities" – as stipulated below. Scholarships can be terminated at any time if it is found that the "Responsibilities" are not being met or the recipient has not abided by the rules and regulations of Nagoya University and Japan.

Responsibilities of the Recipients:

1) Must maintain good academic standing.
2) Is committed to being an ethical leader and role model on campus and the general community.
3) Will represent Nagoya University as a "student ambassador".


Academic and non-academic criteria and extra-curricular activities will be evaluated together with financial need.

How to Apply

Please submit the scholarship application form together with your program application documents via the online admissions system. Please see the instructions below and submit the scholarship application form by the respective application deadline:

Nagoya University Global 30 Undergraduate Scholarship Application

  • 1. Download the Scholarship Application Form
  • 2. Print and fill out the form
  • 3. Scan the completed application form and income statement separately, and save them to your computer
  • 4. Log in to Online Application System
  • 5. Upload the scanned application form and income statement