Program:Chemistry, School of Engineering
Others:Stella Duce 1 Senior High School
Enrollment year: 2012
When I came to Nagoya, I really realized that there are so many things I haven’t understood, I haven’t learnt, so many things I haven’t known before. Of course I know that I’m still young and inexperienced, but, it’s different when you are facing reality. That’s why; I think coming to Nagoya was the best chance I ever had, to meet new challenges; not only because of the challenging classes, but also for many new friends from around the world. I remember when I came to class for the first time, especially physics and calculus class; I just could stare at the Professor and only think, "wow... It’s so different from my country". They taught us not only the theories, but explained how it gets there and make us ask why it could be like that. So you aren’t going to be reading the whole textbook and memorize the formula or the words for the test, but understand and apply it in the real world, which is, I think, the important thing to do in the university.
Meeting new friends in a new environment was not easy. They are from different countries with different backgrounds and cultures. I was very nervous back then, it was my first time together with international friends in class and in the same dorm, but, everyone was nice. We can get along well. Sometimes we go to festivals together. Sometimes we also have a little party in the dorm together to celebrate birthday or Christmas. And we cook by ourselves, of course. No one needs to worry if they can’t cook. I also couldn’t cook before I came here, but I learnt from books, internet and my friends. The professors here are also kind and always willing to spend time if we have questions. Sometimes they also visit our dormitory just to see our condition and know us better. It is really nice here. In November 2012, Mr. Habibie, the former president of Indonesia came to Nagoya University and we, the Indonesian students, performed angklung. So, we also have our activities outside school and it makes us feel less homesick.
I don’t really know what to say for the future. As we all know, science is developing now and then without any borders and so is this world. When we talk about future, I imagine it is like we are now inside a jungle, looking for the way out and sometimes we might get lost. But here, in Nagoya, while we learn theories and how to apply it, we also learn how to keep our life in track. In addition, Nagoya is the main industrial city in Japan, and this university is well-known for its engineering major. Sometimes we receive e-mail from our department to join a factory tour or seminar or just a picnic, like hanami (cherry blossom view) together. I think this university also provides us a bright future and I’m looking forward to seeing it.